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Dear Development Team,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Ferran, an active user of your job portal, and I'd like to suggest an enhancement that could significantly improve the platform.

I believe adding the functionality to create discount coupons would be highly beneficial. This feature would allow companies to offer special discounts on job posting fees during specific occasions or promotional events.

Here are a few key reasons to consider this addition:

Company Loyalty: Allowing companies to provide discounts for regular use of your platform could foster long-term loyalty.

Promoting Special Opportunities: Companies could leverage this feature during events like job fairs or corporate anniversaries to promote their job listings with temporary discounts.

Attracting New Clients: The ability to offer discount coupons can be a powerful tool to attract new businesses to the platform, especially those looking to optimize costs.

Competitive Edge: Including this feature could set your job portal apart from competitors, providing added value to companies and distinguishing your platform in the market.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration of this suggestion, as I believe it will benefit both existing users and the platform as a whole. I am available for further discussion if needed.

Thank you for your attention and ongoing support.

Best regards,

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